How expensive are the engineers you provide?

International folks with 5+ years xp are generally $30k-$70k/year.

What if my company can’t hire internationally?

Forward can manage legal, HR, and payments for your international employees for $100/month per employee.

How do you make money?

Via a flat placement fee for full time hires or an hourly markup for contractors.

How do you find people?

We design our searches based on the geographies, technologies and experience levels we’re targetting.

We typically hear from 100-300 engineers per search, correspond with 30-50, tech screen 4-8, and send 1-2 over for review.

How do you vet people?

We use a network of fractional engineering leaders to design and run role-specific technical screens.

We do not run role-independent screens.

How long does it take?

Up to 2 weeks.

Can you spin up teams?

We have experience building teams of up to 20.

We typically anchor the teams we build to U.S. based fractional engineering leaders.